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Monday May 27
Chair: Espen Barth Eide
Setting the Stage – the Changing Arctic


Welcome – Introduction

Knut M. Ore, Chairman of the Board of Kings Bay and Chairman of the Ny-Ålesund Symposium Board


Opening Speech

Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway



Remarks by invited minister:

Seen From an Asian Perspective



Cho, Tae-yul, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea


Status and Drivers of Arctic Change – an Overview

James Astill, Political Editor, The Economist, UK


Q & A, Discussion








Tuesday May 28
Chair: Andrew Revkin
Session 1:
Future Prospects for Petroleum and Shipping in the Arctic




Breakfast in the service building




08:30 – 08:50


Keynote - Shipping:
International Shipping Routes in the Arctic


Valentin Davydyants, Captain, “FSUE” Atomflot, Russia

08:50 – 09:00




09:00 – 09:10




09:10– 09:20


Short Presentations – Shipping:
High North – High Stakes: Maritime Opportunities in the Arctic



Korea’s Arctic Approaches and the Prospects for Shipping



Singapore & the Arctic – Toward a Sustainable Maritime Future and manuscript



Sturla Henriksen, Director General, Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Norway

Jong-Deog Kim, Division Director, Korea Maritime Institute, Republic of Korea




Choo Chiau Beng, Chief Executive Officer, Keppel Corporation Limited, Singapore


09:30 – 09:50

Keynote - Petroleum:
Future Prospects for Petroleum Development in the Arctic


Rúni M. Hansen, Vice President/Head of Arctic Unit, Statoil ASA, Norway



09:55 – 10:10



Short Presentation – Petroleum

The New Arctic: A View From New Dehli




Narendra Taneja, President of the World Energy Policy Summit, India





10:10 – 10.35

Coffee & tea








Lunch break



Session 2: Environmental Change and Societies in the Arctic 


Challenges to the Arctic Environment and Biodiversity

Rolf Anker Ims, Professor, University of Tromsø, Norway





13:20 – 13:30



13:30  - 13:40



13:40 – 13:50

Short Presentations – Challenges to Local Peoples and Societies.


Use of Traditional Knowledge in Local Communities



Perspectives from Inuit Society



How will Climate Change Affect Indigenous Peoples and our Communities?




Henry Huntington, Science Director, Pew Environment Group, Alaska, USA.

Udloriak Hanson, Senior Advisor, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.




Laila Susanne Vars, Former Vice President, Sami Parliament, Norway




13:55 – 14:05



14:05 – 14:15

Short Presentations – Satellites in Communication and Environmental Monitoring


Marine Situational Awareness and Environmental Monitoring using Satellites


The Role of International Coordination in Advancing Space-Based Observations and Modeling of Climate





Rolf Skatteboe, President, Kongsberg Satellite Services, Norway




Alan Belward, Head of Unit, Land Resource Management, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Italy

14:20 – 14:40

Coffee & tea


14:40 – 16:00




16:00 – 16:15

Official Symposium picture to be taken outside



17:00 – 19:00

Boat trip on Kongsfjorden. Illustration of Climate Change.


19:30 -

Dinner at Mellageret


Wednesday May 29
Chair: James Astill
Session 3:
Geopolitical and Global Consequences of a
Changing Arctic


Breakfast in the service building



Coffee & tea


08:00 – 08:20

Geopolitical and Security Consequences of a Changing Arctic

Jay Gulledge, Director, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

08:20 – 08:40

Consequences of the Changing Arctic for Global Environmental Change

Peter Gilruth, Director of the Division of Early Warning and Assessment, UNEP, Kenya


08:40 – 09:00

Global Climate Change and Focusing on the Arctic Region

Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC, India

09:00 – 10:00


10:00 – 10:30

Closing remarks

Espen Barth Eide, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

10:30, 11:00,
12:00, 12:30

Departure to Longyearbyen – Lunch Packages provided for the two first departures.






Departure from Longyearbyen to Oslo


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