About the Symposium 2009

The Symposium was held in Ny-Ålesund on June 08 to June 10, 2009.

The theme of this year's Symposium was “Climate change: Understanding and influencing global politics towards Copenhagen and beyond".
This year's high-level meeting in Ny-Ålesund focused on the global energy and climate challenge. The ambition was not only to understand the situation, but to make a contribution towards the global solution which hopefully will be agreed in COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009. The Symposium is solution oriented and has a prime focus on how science and business can contribute optimally towards COP15 and beyond. Among this year's participants werethe Norwegian Minister of Research and Higher Education Ms. Tora Aasland and the Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Liu Yanhua.

The Symposium is organized by Kings Bay AS in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Justice and the Police, and the Research Council of Norway. Statkraft AS is a co-organizer and sponsor of the Symposium.

Please find more detailes in the programme.

Last updated: Jun 15, 2009